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We were founded back in 2007 by the Sacred Heart Cricket Club, as a social soccer club to help the players stay connected over the winter. We continue on as Kings Domain FC, steadily growing over the past decade.

Our mission is to be a place where anyone can come, get fit and feel physically and mentally healthy while playing football.

We aspire to be a club for those who are looking to meet a new group of friends, for those who want to improve their well-being through exercise and for those seeking to fall in love with the world game.

Since showing up can be the hardest part, we strive to make sure that everyone feels welcome and belongs. Visit us and you will see for yourself. 

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Women's State League 1 

Join a great group of young women who are very welcoming and social. In 2022, the Queens finished 2nd in the league and as a result have earned promotion to State League 1 for season 2023. 

Coached by the ever nurturing Marcelo Lee, the continued development of this team is evident by their progression up the ranks! The Queens are looking to add new friends to the squad for the upcoming season.   

Men's State League 4 and Metro 4

With three men's teams at the club, we cater to a range of commitment levels and playing ability. For some of our members, training twice a week and playing a competitive Senior game is exactly what is needed to balance out a busy work week. For other, the allure of Sunday league football is too irresistible. 

Whether you've 'still got it' or you've never had it, the welcoming group will treat you with respect and help you find your place in the club.

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Fawkner Park Northern Pavilion

South Yarra 3141 VIC

0434 095 090

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