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February Review

February is always a busy month at The Club. Many new faces. Much anticipation and plenty of excitement.


A lot of hard work went into preparing for the season ahead. We've grown as a club and decided to go from four teams to six teams! We've been busy organising participation programs for kids and women (to come in March) and all of that while sourcing sponsors and keeping registrations flowing.

Much of the hard administration work has been completed and we will announce some of the success stories next time around.


A special thank you to some significant contributors in the month of Feb.

Firstly I want to acknowledge the efforts of all coaches. I want to highlight the contribution of Michael Grogan (Michael Grogan Movement) who has taken the squads through a grueling and sometimes hilarious strength and conditioning program. We hope all the players have enjoyed the sessions and find them valuable.

We have an events team! Wes Tan, Helen Berry & Mac Anderson took charge of two pre-season events - both have been very successful fundraisers for the club! Kudos to the trio.


We start with the Battle of Fawkner Park, a great day for fundraising and football. Our men's teams played an Intra-Club match which ended 2-1 to the Seniors. The highlight was the mazy run and finish from young Nathan Mwangi which saw two players floored before Nathan found the bottom corner. The celebration was as enthusiastic as the run.

The Queens held SY to a goalless drawn which is a vast improvement on previous seasons, while the Metros battled through an impressive 90 mins to finish 3-1 winners. An excellent day all round.

Australia Cup - The lads were unlucky to have had a goal disallowed and a penalty missed to go down 3-2 in a thrilled against Diamond Valley state 3.

Friendlies - Some impressive results against Moreland United and Williamstown (both state 3 sides) for the mens teams, while the Queens celebrated their first win of the season against Altona winning 2-0. Well done to Alex and Georgia on opening their accounts for 2023.

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Michael Grogan thank you for providing an inclusive environment in which all club members have been able to improve their physical condition together. It’s pretty incredible to have such a highlight for 2023 this early and this unity will surely put all teams in good stead for an incredible season.

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